Edison - Sound. Light. Space.
Edison - Sound. Light. Space.
led by Sibin Vassilev and Fabian Bleisch (BG/DE)
10-14.09.2013, 14:00-18:00, Studio 1, National Academy of Art, 1 Shipкa str.
Presentation of workshop results:  14.09. 2013, 18:30-19:00
The workshop will cover the subjects:
Multichannel sound images
Light as a physical phenomenon
Strategies and technologies for light/sound synchronization.

The workshop leaders - Sibin Vasilev and Fabian Fleisch, are the creators of the light-sound installation "Edison", which is part of the festival's programme (http://www.semantics-of-sound.com/edison.html)

Edison Workshop programme
1. Introduction
2. Software
3. Presentation of “Edison”
4. Participants’ experimentation with an Edison installation