Intro to Visual Live-Coding
Intro to Visual Live-Coding
led by Rob Fischer (DE)
11-12.09.2013, 13:00-18:00, Studio 60, National Academy of Art, 1 Shipka str, Sofia
Presentation of workshop results:  12.09. 2013, 18:30-19:00, Studio 7

Modern real-time computer graphics programming techniques have made great advancements in recent years which make some of this technology hard to approach for beginners.
On the other hand more and more artists are using advanced techniques like these to create some deeply immersive and impressive works in digital art.

In this introduction to Visual Live-Coding I am presenting a tool that I developed for myself to do on-the-fly live visual programming using GPU shaders, which can be made to react to sound, images or input devices to create live-synthesized, real-time images as a performance.

The live-coding aspect in turn enables one to experiment and playfully explore what certain simple changes to numbers and code do, and receive instant visual feedback in the output image.
I hope that this can make an advanced subject like GPU Shader progamming approachable and fun to explore in a creative way, and can serve as a start to dive more deeply into using high-end, modern graphics techniques for digital art.