NE Fest

NE Fest is a festival for independent experimental art, initiated by a group of young artists, with the cooperation of the Student Council of the National Academy of Arts (NAA) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival will be released as an off program of the fourth edition of the digital art festival DA Fest, organized by NAA.

NE Fest is aiming at younger public and at introducing it to an intriguing selection of emerging Bulgarian and international authors (Australia, Italy, China, Poland, USA, Taiwan, Sweden). The common trait between the participating artists is their alternative approach to employing the traditional media, as well as the ease with which they combine it with various unconventional means of expression.

Inspired by the energy of the current public events in Sofia and the model of the flash mob, NE Fest goes beyond and outside the space of the Art Academy to seek the balance of the interaction between the urban environment and the arts. In complement to DA Fest’s focus on the digital arts, NE Fest presents a diverse spectrum of media. It includes installations, video art, photography, illustration, drawing and painting. What is more, the festival is designed to function as a piece of art itself.

NE Fest will not simply provide the grounds for exhibiting artwork (the program includes exhibitions, workshops,
music events in NAA, RUBBER Gallery, Glossary Depot, Hip Hip atelier, + tova, DaDa Cultural Bar,
NEU BERLIN), but it will work as a free platform for experience and discussion with the public.

Exhibitions (11 – 14 September)
Open call – selection NAA / 1 Shipka Str
Photography RUBBER Gallery / 13 Gerlovo Str / opening – Sep 11, 18:00
[Aleksey Butorin, Vanya Bozheva, Velina Kokalova, Viktoriya Staykova, Ekaterina Danilova, Katerina Kiricheva, Nevena Georgieva, Radostin Sedevhev]

Installation Glossary Depot / 84 Vesletz Str / opening – Sep 12, 17:00
[Nora Karalambeva, Teodor Dobrev, Tswetan Pepelyarski]

Illustration + tova / 30 Marin Drinov Str / opening – Sep 12, 20:00
[Maria Nalbantova, Martina Vacheva, Simona Kasabova]

Painting DaDa Cultural Bar / 10 Georgi Bekovski Str / opening – Sep 13, 18:00
[Alexandra Ramirez, Konstantin Kostov]

Drawing Hip Hip Atelier / 166 Knyaz Boris I Str / opening – Sep 14, 17:00
[Ina Hristova, Marieta Vasileva]

Concert Sep 11, 18:00 / RUBBER Gallery / 13 Gerlovo Str
[7th ear]

Workshop for painted bags Sep 12, 11:00 / + tova / 30 Marin Drinov Str
[Trois Graces]

Public discussion Sep 13, 15:00 / DaDa Cultural Bar / 10 Georgi Bekovski Str
[Moderator: Katerina Kostadinova]

Party Sep 13, 21:00 / NEU BERLIN / 18 Sultan Tepe Str.
[“Friday 13th”]


Nora Karalambeva
Mariya Valkova
Viktoriya Staykova
Victoria Marinova
mobile: +359 884 51 41 24

DJ/VJ party with Phormatik Visual LAB
13/09/2013, 20:30 – 22:00
Academy inner yard

Phormatik Visual LAB is a creative studio that works in the field of visual media. We create and play live performances, 3D projection mapping and VJ shows, produce interactive digital installations, short movies and music ... more